例会報告 2016/9/12

Meeting minutes for Sep.12, 2016
We had a fruitful meeting with the guest, MS Mami Horiuchi. She decided to join our TMC. GREAT!!
Business Sessions
*VPPR, TM Sasaki reported TTMC’s HP in new version would be done with TM M Tanaka’s help soon.
*Our 3 rd anniversary event ”Mumin train” is coming up on Oct.2 nd .
Toastmaster of the Day: TM Takamiya.
Thought of Evening: TM M Tanaka talked about autumn, which is around the corner.
Word of the Evening: TM Nishioka “Primarily”
Timer: TM Yo Watanabe Grammarian: TM Kuroda Um/Ah counter: TM Sasaki
Vote Counter: Chiba
Joke master: TM Yo Watanabe * A soccer fan who didn’t go to his relative’s funeral but to the game
Table Topics Master: TM Sasaki
Qs about Pokemon Go / Paralympics / degeneration and evolution
(1) TM Nishioka 1’20” (2) TM N Tanaka 2’02” (3) TM Takayama 1’59” (4) TM M Tanaka 2’14”
Prepared Speakers:
No.1: TM Uchino CC Project#7 Research Your Topic
Title: “Attract foreign visitors!” 6’45”
No.2: TM Takamiya AC Project#6 Let’s get personal
Title: “Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the US presidency” 8’16”
No.3 TM Takimoto HPL Project PartⅡ Plan your speech to the club
Title: “To make a great dream come true, you must first have a great dream” 6’28”
General Evaluator: TM N Tanaka
I E: No.1: TM M Tanaka 2’29” No.2: TM Nishioka 2’16” No.3: TM Kuroda 2’21”
Best Speakers: Congratulations!
Table Topics: TM N Tanaka Evaluation: TM Kuroda
Prepared Speech: TM Uchino and TM Takimoto
Next meeting is on Oct. 3. Role assignment is as follows.
TD: TM Nishioka TE: TM Hikosaka WE: TM Sasaki Timer: TM Kuroda
GR: TM Yo Watanabe Ah/Um: TM Chiba VC: TM Takimoto Joke TM Takimoto
TP: TM Oka PS1: TM Murata PS2: TM M Tanaka PS3: TM Yo Watanabe
GE: TM Takayama IE1: TM Uchino IE2: TM N Tanaka IE3: TM Takamiya

津田沼トーストマスターズ 3周年祝賀会@いすみ鉄道ムーミン号走行列車内)

津田沼トーストマスターズクラブ3周年祝賀会を、いすみ鉄道ムーミン列車を貸し切り、 走行列車内で行います。

日本語を交えての Table Topics や思い出の Speech, 飛び入り歓迎の Performance 等トーストマスターズを多数の皆さんで楽しみましょう。

ご家族、ご友人をお誘い併せご同伴でご参加下さい。 お子様も歓迎致します

集合 午前12時頃 JR 大原駅
JR 大原駅に隣接している、いすみ鉄道の
ムーミン列車 12:47 発 に乗り換えます
JR 大原までは自己負担となります

参考 JR 津田沼 10:51→JR 千葉 11:06 外房線(6番線)乗り換え 11:10 →JR 大原12:24
交通費 片道 1140 円
JR 大原 15:39 千葉乗り換えで JR 津田沼 17:13 があります

JR 大原駅から近くに大原漁港があります
JR 大原 12:31/12:47 →上総中野 13:44/14:07 →大多喜 14:27/14:45→大原 15:04


貸し切り列車代が、80000 円程なので最低 30 名のご参加を予定してます
30 名で、1300 円のお弁当(いすみの宝石箱という名物弁当です)
会費は 5000 円を予定してますが、参加人数が増えれば Back できるかも知れません
最大 50 名まで乗車可能です
ボラティリティ出来る方は、奮って高山 takasan101@nifty.com までご連絡下さい

例会報告 2016/9/5

Meeting minutes for Sep.5 ,2016

We had a fruitful meeting with the guest, Mami Horiuchi.

Business Session

TM Takayama reported the trial trip by ISUMI Railways, which is the special event for celebrating our 3rd anniversary of Tsudanuma TMC on Oct.2.  Budget is still tight and we need more people to join.  If you bring any drinks, like wines, it’ll be appreciated.

Toastmaster of the Day: TM Yo Watanabe

Thought of Evening: TM Chiba

Word of the Evening: TM Takamiya  “indispensable; indispensably”

Timer: TM Sasaki Grammarian: TM Murata  Um/Ah counter: TM Murata Vote Counter: Oka

Joke master: TM N Tanaka   * Train in Brazil may come exactly 24 hours behind.

Table Topics Master: TM Uchino

Olympics related questions, two with Rio in 2016 and another two with Tokyo in 2020.

(1) TM Murata 1’14” (2) Ms. Horiuch(guest) 1’20” (3)TM Oka 1’04” (4)TM Sasaki 1’14”

Prepared Speakers:

No.1: TM M Tanaka   CCProject #3 Get to the Point

Title: “Laziness, Impatience and Hubris”       6’24”

No.2: TM Hikosaka   AC Project#4 Speaking Under fire

Title: “Do you remember Yamato Kun?”           5’41”

No.3 TM Kuroda  CC Project#9 Persuade with Power

Title: “Now it’s your turn”    6’00”

General Evaluator: TM Takimoto

I E:  No.1: TM Nishioka 3’25”  No.2: TM  Takamiya 3’17”  No.3: TM Takayama 3’09”

Best Speakers:  Congratulations!

Table Topics: TM Sasaki   Evaluation: TM Nishioka  Prepared Speech: TM Kuroda

Next meeting is on Sep. 12.

TD: TM Takayama  TE: TM M Tanaka WE: TM Nishioka  Timer: TM Yo Watanabe

GR: TM Kuroda   Ah/Um: TM Sasaki  VC: TM Chiba  Joke TM Yo Watanabe

TP: TM Sasaki   PS1: TM Uchino  PS2: TM Takamiya  PS3: TM Takimoto

GE: TM N Tanaka  IE1: TM M Tanaka IE2: TM Nishioka IE3: TM Kuroda

例会報告 2016/8/8

Meeting minutes for Aug.8


We had a fruitful meeting with the guest from Kesennuma TMC, TM Hitomi Yoshikawa.


Business Session

  In-house Table Topics Contest Chair, TM Kuroda double checked the details of the contest with role takers and contestants.

Toastmaster of the Day: TM Takamiya

Thought of Evening: TM Yo Watanabe

Word of the Evening: TM Chiba (win)

Timer: TM Oka     Grammarian: TM Takimoto   Um/Ah counter: TM Takimoto

Vote Counter: Yo Watanabe

Joke master: TM Hikosaka   * A talk between the Saudi ambassador to UN and Bush

                           *Gramma at her 100th birthday

Table Topics Master: TM Takayama

 2 questions from Olympics, and another 2 from grand champion of Sumo

(1) TM Chiba 1’30” (2)TM M Tanaka 1’40” (3)TM N Tanaka 2’09” (4)TM Yoshikawa(guest)1’49”


Prepared Speakers:

No.1: TM Nishioka   AC Project#2 Resources for Informing

     Title: “The Mission for hundred years”       7’23”

No.2: TM Tani   CC Project#4 How to say it

     Title: “Man’s Search for Meaning”           7’30”

No.3 TM N Tanaka   AC Project#3 Demonstration Talk

    Title: “Practice of Mindfulness Meditation”    8’12”


General Evaluator: TM Sasaki

I E:  No.1: TM M Tanaka 3’45”  No.2: TM  Takayama 4’03”  No.3: TM Kuroda 2’56”


Best Speakers:  Congratulations!

Table Topics: TM Nobuko Tanaka   Evaluation: TM Kuroda Prepared Speech: TM Nishioka


Next meeting is the In-House Contest on Aug.22.

One after will be on Sept.5th. Assignments are as follows.


TD: TM Yo Watanabe TE: TM Chiba WE: TM Takamiya Timer: TM Sasaki

GR: TM Murata   Ah/Um: TM M Tanaka VC: TM Oka   Joke TM N Tanaka

TP: TM Uchino   PS1: Yu Watanabe   PS2: TM Hikosaka   PS3: TM Kuroda

GE: TM Takimoto  IE1: TM Nishioka  IE2: TM Takamiya  IE3: TM Takayama

例会報告 2016/7/25

Having started with the Induction Ceremony for TM Tanaka, We had very fruitful meeting with a guest, Ms. Horiuchi,at Chiba Hoiku Center.
President TM Watanabe reported about raising membership fee and asked the members for majority decision.
Then raising membership fee from 1000 yen/month to 1200 yen/month got majority and adopted.

In-house Speech Contest will be held on Aug. 22. We need contestants and helpers.
We also wrote privacy policy agreement.

Toastmaster of the Day: TM Kuroda( on behalf of TM Yuriko Watanabe)
Thought of the Evening: TM Oka (memories of Rokusuke Ei and his generation)
Word of the Evening: TM Nishioka(ultimately)
Timer: TM Tani
Grammarian: TM Takamiya
UM/Ah Counter: TM Murata
Vote Counter: TM Murata
Joke Master: TM Kuroda (Seafood diet)
Table Topic Master: TM Hikosaka/ Topic was Olympics
1: What kind of sports are you going to watch on TV in Rio Olympics? TM. Tani:1’40”
2: Do you have any favorite athletes? TM Murata 1’25”
3: Do you have any memories of Tokyo Olympics in 1960? TM Takamiya: 1’58”
4: What do you expect to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ successful? TM Nishioka 1’12”

Prepared Speakers:
(1) TM M Tanaka Project cc #1 “Ice Breaker” 6’45”

Title: “Change”

(2) TM Takimoto Project AC#5 “Bringing History to Life” Storytelling 7’22”

Title: “Mother of EU”

General Evaluator: TM Nishioka (for TM Takayama)
Individual Evaluator: (1) TM Sasaki 2’18” (2) TM Yo Watanabe 2’32”

Best Speakers; Congratulations!
Table Topic: TM Nishioka
Evaluation: No voting
Prepared Speech: No voting

Next meeting will be held on August 8th, 2016 with the following assignment:

TD: TM Takamiya TE: TM Yo Watanabe WE: TM Chiba Timer: TM Oka
Grammarian: TM Takimoto Ah/Um Counter: TM Yu Watanabe VC: TM ?
Joke: TM Hikosaka TP: TM Hiyama PS1: TM Nishioka PS2: TM N Tanaka
PS3: TM Tani GE: TM Sasaki IE1: TM M Tanaka IE2: TM Takayama IE3: ?